Nursing task Statistics

By Brian Pilarski posted 02-17-2018 18:09

Hey everyone, first time posting, be gentle. I’ve started working with a company that has a device that lets me track my tasks throughout my 12 hour shifts. It downloads all online and we have been creating a quality improvement project for my role as a Rapid Response Nurse, efficacy of our response time and ect. I really think this task collection and informatics would be huge, showing what nurses really do through their day. I don’t mean chart, assess, I mean what we really do the time it takes and ect. Anyone interested? Can anyone point me in a direction of people that might be interested.
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17 days ago

Brian, hi! I would be very interested in learning more about this. I find that it is often difficult to explain what goes into the shift in a way that validates nursing.
Elaine Jarratt MSN, RN