Ms Katherine Kemp

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Currently, I am working in geriatric care and an outpatient clinic setting. I am a young nurse who is eager to gain as many diverse clinical experiences as possible. At this time my goal is to achieve my Family Nurse Practitioner license and practice in a leadership/management role. I am a firm believer in having nurses with bedside experience in administrative roles to act as liaisons between nursing and health care facility administration professionals. This type of position is my ultimate goal.

My interests in nursing include adult health, pain management, alternative therapies, policy building, political advocacy, and professional advocacy. I am currently working with a group of nurses who are spear heading the return of ANA to Hawaii. If you are interested in joining our leadership group I would be enthusiastic to introduce you to our group of strong, nursing leaders.

In my time outside of the profession of nursing I enjoy hiking, surfing, free diving, reading historical fiction, visiting local eat spots in Honolulu, and watching the occasional episode of The New Girl or The Good Doctor.

Clinical Practice Area

  • Administration/Management
  • Adult
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Clinical Research
  • Education
  • Family Nursing
  • General Medical
  • Health Policy
  • HIV
  • Infection Control and Prevention
  • Informatics
  • Leadership
  • Public Health & School Nursing