Vivienne Friday

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Hello, I am Vivienne Friday, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE, and am an extremely resourceful and versatile Nurse Educator. I attribute my outstanding track record of achievement directly to my ability to professionally provide comprehensive online and face-to-face teaching services.

Professionals and business owners enjoy working with me because I have repeated success directing curriculum development, driving faculty development, achieving accreditation and maximizing quality. As a collaborative nurse leader, I continually strive to optimize the nursing profession through research, publishing and presenting articles, authoring book chapter, reviewing academic publications, and creating and executing vital educational technology tools.

I strive to strengthen service learning and student engagement and possess extensive expertise initiating strategic educational planning, driving learning management processes, developing crucial policies and procedures, performing program and teacher evaluation, managing risk and quality assurance, writing and administering grants and constantly providing high-level academic support.

In addition, I am an innovative team player and mentor displaying unique leadership and learning management skills, in depth analytical and problem-solving abilities, technical savvy, strategic agility, and proactive work ethic with unparalleled organizational and communication talents.

Connect with me today to find out how I am able to engage with, educate, and inspire students and colleagues to consistently excel and produce outstanding results. Proficient in acting and thinking strategically, I will constantly remain flexible and responsive to frequently changing priorities while making a positive contribution to the workplace, accepting ownership for new challenges and exploring opportunities that will continually add value to your business.

Clinical Practice Area

  • Acute Care
  • Long Term Care/Geriatrics
  • Quality Improvement
  • School Nursing