Writing a Nurse proficiency at VA Healthcare

By Lorraine Suchy posted 05-06-2020 16:50


@Rn4ku RN,BSN, MSN

As I’ve just completed my first year of service working as an RN at the VA, I need any tips to better understand and write my first proficiency.  please send me the keywords to include and any other helpful tips​​!
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10-15-2020 15:53

I worked 27 yrs in VA and chaired the Nsg Board for about 10 years.
First review the qual standards for your grade.  then write to each standard what you did to accomplish this goal. I retired 6 yrs ago so I don't remember all the standards. 
at the end of the eval, you should define your goals for the next rating period. The goals must be work related.  Unless you are working on a Nursing educational goal.  such as start my Masters degree in Jan 2021.
My email is if you need further help.  Terry