Semester Two The Re-Do

By Michelle Reardon posted 10-24-2017 15:30


Hi Everyone!!

So we are mid way thru the second semester re-do! Here is a little update for you:

a-Health restoration 2. The exam for Fluid and Electrolytes I got a 90 vs the 70 I got last time. Diabetes I got a 75 versus the 82.5 I got last time. Cardio exam is to come on the 30th of this month and I feel pretty confident so far. My professor has changed exam styles so it has been a little different. I still feel pretty positive about this semester re-do. 

b- Clinical has been interesting. Some of the nurses on the floor that I am on are not really receptive to the students, but the ones who are have helped me do some really cool things so far! (peritoneal dialysis, blood transfusions, iv's, etc). I have had a few really cool first time experiences with some patients. 

c-Work--well I started a new job almost 3 months ago! It is the same field but the people I work with, management wise, are so much more understanding. The other managers were not bad at the last place, but company policy made it really hard for them to be understanding about me being a student and a mom as well as a fill time worker. It has been a pleasant experience overall when it comes to work. 

d- Hunter- Kindergarten is hard man!!! I feel for him almost like I feel for all other Nursing students. But he is pushing thru it and had a decent progress report. He wven got an artist of the day award one day! Ninja turtle Halloween here we come!

e-Dating-- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA----lets wait to review this in a few more months because this is one train that has de-railed and needs to stay that way. 

I will have a more in depth, whimsical response at the end of the semester, but this is just for anyone who was interested in an update!
Michelle R.