Career Stage Communities

Do you fit into one of these career groups? Join your peers and have a resource for asking questions, bouncing ideas, and sharing your experiences.

Early Career - Have you received your RN license in the past 4 years? Are you learning how to thrive in nursing, how to overcome the stress and challenges of working day to day to take care of your patients? If this describes where you are in your career, then ANA’s Early Career community is the resource you need. Connect with other staff nurses going through the same issues you are dealing with, and gain insight into steps to take as you move forward (including going back to school to advance your nursing education).

Up and Comers - Are you an experienced RN with between five and fourteen years - in nursing? If you are highly passionate about nursing and planning to become a leader in the profession, then this ANA community is just what you need to realize your goals. Connect with other RNs just like you who are navigating the path of career transitions into education, advanced practice and management positions, as well as pursuing (or planning to pursue) an advanced degree in nursing.

Nursing Leaders - ANA invites all nursing leaders to join this online community. The ANA Nursing Leaders community is the place for Nursing Executives , APRNs and Nursing Professors with more than 15 years of experience to connect with their peers. Are you thinking about how to leave a legacy? Of mentoring the next generation of nurses and helping them adjust to the changing world of health care? Then join thousands of other ANA members just like you to learn new ways to pay forward your experience and knowledge.