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My name is Oluwasegun Ayotomiwa Adebayo, I completed my master’s degree at the University of Bern Switzerland in January 2015. I completed another master’s degree at Loyola University Law School Chicago.  My decision to complete a bachelor’s degree is not an accident, this is because my passion has always been to care for people. Hence, the reason why I decided to change my legal career to becoming a nurse.  

After the completion of my masters degree I worked as a research assistant. Although I enjoyed the job, I, however, was looking for an opportunity that is more than just earning a paycheque. In 2018 I decided to take an offer to work as a direct support professional at misericordia home. I did not have any experience or previous qualifications. However, the job offered a five-week training after the successful completion of the training. My job description includes empowering children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To model and implement behavioral management care plan, motivate individuals to achieve greater independence, their daily goals, and community, integration, facilitated day-by-day operations of the residence accordance with regulatory requirements, agency policy and quality program standards. It has been over three years since I have been a direct support professional, the joy I derive in discharging my duties is inexplainable. My passion for health care became revitalized, I was convinced to change my career and become a nurse. I however could not expedite my wish to join this noble and most trusted profession because I do not have the finances to commence any academic pursuit, since I had already spent a lot in my previous academic achievement. 

 March 2020 was significant and a turning point in my life. This was when the COVID 19 pandemic ravage the world, many of my colleagues and residents tested positive. This was very devasting as I had to work more shifts than usual in protective gears. (PPE) It was frustrating seeing many people including health care workers lose their lives to this novel virus. Experiencing and seeing people suffering from this illness took a personal toll on me. I decided to convert my frustration to positivity by contributing my part to the situation. 

Much more than ever I started to feel more inclined to go deeper into the health sector in order to care for more people. I decided to put my thoughts into action by enrolling at the city colleges of Chicago to complete nursing prerequisites so I can get into the nursing program.  After the completion of my bachelor’s degree in Nursing, my goal is to further my education by completing a master’s in nursing and a doctorate degree in Health Law. I want to join health professionals and stakeholders make good health care research and policies that will lead to better healthcare.   

Thank you