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Hello! I'm a "senior" nursing student (back in school at age 60) to become an RN! I hope to help others heal - as well as myself. I had a vestibular schwannoma removed - but was left with profound dizziness - so I'm searching for potential answers to regain my balance and health. 

For the past few years I've attended many non-traditional schools. Hypnosis helped me the most, so I have spent over 1,000 classroom hours learning medical support hypnotherapy. I specialize in helping people overcome stress/anxiety and chronic pain as well as remove phobias. Once I graduate - I hope to teach other healthcare providers how to utilize non-invasive evidence-based techniques to help patients. Additionally, I'm on a quest to help people learn how to slow down their busy minds, and utilize the body's innate wisdom to heal itself. Additionally, I've received diplomas as a doctor of naturopathy, health coach, raw food chef, fitness trainer and nutritionist. 

Prior to brain injury - I was a news anchor, entertainment show host, business owner, voiceover artist, phone company executive and public relations pro. I also hold certifications as a Realtor and Auctioneer. Yep - I need to get a life! LOL 

In joining the ANA, I hope to meet many wonderful healthcare providers. If you've ever wondered about hypnosis and how it works - feel free to contact me - I'm definitely a "safe space" for all questions. Thanks for reading this far!