• Tonisha J. Melvin, Director-at-Large of ANA is Among Top African American Healthcare Leaders

    The best healthcare delivery requires leadership from diverse backgrounds and experiences. This list highlights African Americans who have taken on leadership roles across the country at hospitals and health systems as well as in national organizations. ... More

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    This weeks NCLEX question is: The nurse is planning the care of four patients. Which of the following patients has the largest need for interventions aimed at preventing anemia?  A. The patient who has been NPO for the past 3 days B. A vegetarian patient ...

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    Hi Natalie, This is a great question! I must admit, nurse extern positions was not something I was super familiar with so I had to do some research because these are not utilized in my area. I must say, after doing research, I think they are a wonderful ...

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    We have had HUNDREDS of new members since the last time I have introduced myself. My name is Brittney Welch and I am your Student Nurse Community Manager. I reside in Louisville, KY. I obtained my Master's in nursing education and my Doctorate is focused ...


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