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    The next free ANA membership webinar for Nursing Leaders may help you help your staff in important ways.  The webinar is being held on October 16, 2018 between 1 – 2:30 pm ET.  The title is: The Secret Ingredient for Optimum Nursing Care: How Leaders ... More

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    Thank you ladies!!! You are both correct! Bradycardia is the correct answer.  The administration of this medication is a delicate balance. This medication is sometimes given to decrease heart rate, but if an appropriate amount is not given, bradycardia ...

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    Hello Nursing Leaders, I have appreciated the opportunity of reading what is on your mind. My question now is, "What is your greatest challenge you are currently experiencing?" Please share your challenges and your thoughts for overcoming these challenges. ...

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    Hi!  I graduate with a BSN in February 2019, so I am just about to start my Critical Care round, followed by my Clinical Practicum in January.  I came into this program  with a very clear "world domination" plan...  I am passionate about Geriatrics,  ...


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