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    Hello Nursing Leaders, I would like to personally invite you to join me on May 22, 2018 for the webinar " "Change Your Strategic Vision: How to Disrupt, Innovate and Succeed as a Nursing Leader".   Do you ever feel like your strategic plan is stalling? ...

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    Compensated respiratory acidosis because it is a chronic condition, which makes it compensated. COPD'ers retain CO2 due to the emphysema not allowing proper gas exchange. ------------------------------ Meghan Ledoux Johnstown NY -------------------- ...

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    B ------Original Message------ This week's NCLEX question is.... When evaluating the arterial blood gases of a patient that has had COPD for 15 years, which of the following would you expect to see? A. Uncompensated metabolic acidosis B.  Uncompensated ...


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