• Be on High Alert: Phishing Scams Targeting Nurses

    Scammers target specific individuals by connecting the dots of that individual’s communication sphere and current circumstances. For example: we have seen that scammers pose themselves as a business function or management to communicate with other employees ... More

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  • Posted in: Nursing Leaders

    Hello Nursing Leaders, The pandemic changed much of our nursing staffing patterns to address the emergency need for "all hands on deck". Students were able to get temporary licenses to work before completing boards or graduation, provided certain coursework ...

  • Posted in: C/SNA Essentials

    Good afternoon, We use Salsa labs for our advocacy work and all of our membership management. In MO, it has removed the need for several different systems. We use it for grassroots advocacy, membership tracking, emails, newsletter, a payment portal, ...

  • Posted in: Faculty Community

    Hi Nursing Faculty, Less than one week until the Summer Book Club 2021 begins! I have finished my book and look forward to our discussions. There are many reflection points and areas to consider and I look forward to your thoughts and ideas related to ...


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