• Be on High Alert: Phishing Scams Targeting Nurses

    Scammers target specific individuals by connecting the dots of that individual’s communication sphere and current circumstances. For example: we have seen that scammers pose themselves as a business function or management to communicate with other employees ... More

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    Student Nurses, At least a couple of you have written that you'd like to discuss tips for passing the NCLEX exam.  As most are aware, NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN are the standardized national licensing examinations for Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical ...

  • Hi Bernie,  I appreciate that you brought up CNAs as a part of how we should look at structure and some of the factors that can cause barriers that unduly impact some populations. We know that our CNA/HHA population is largely made up of non white, black ...

  • Hi All,  I liked the analogy of the gardener, the flower boxes and the red and pink flowers as a way to think about the three levels of racism.  Although it was a little bit simplistic I thought that the concept of equating the soil as the structural ...


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